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Kasoombo 2024 Gujarati 720p 480p HDTS

Kasoombo 2024 Gujarati Full Movie Download

Title: Kasoombo 2024 Gujarati
IMDB Ratings: 9.1/10
Genres: History
Release date : February 16, 2024 (India)
Language: Gujarati
Quality: 720p 480p HDTS
Director: Vijaygiri Bava
Writers : Vijaygiri Bava, Vimalkumar Dhami, Raam Mori
Stars: Dharmendra Gohil, Raunaq Kamdar, Shraddha Dangar


Kasoombo 2024 Gujarati 720p 480p HDTS x264 Full Movie


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Movie Plot: Set amidst the picturesque landscapes of 14th-century Gujarat’s Shetrunjay Hills, ‘Kasoombo’ transports audiences into a riveting historical drama that mirrors the pages of novel ‘Amar Balidan.’ The film unfolds the extraordinary tale inspired by the novel, chronicling the heroic journey of Dadu Barot and 51 brave souls from Adipur village. Against the backdrop of Allauddin Khilji’s menacing intent to pillage the sacred temples and cultural heritage of Shetrunjay, Dadu Barot stands resolute, leading a meager band against overwhelming opposition. ‘Kasoombo’ weaves a mesmerizing narrative showcasing the gripping clash between unyielding valor and insurmountable adversity. Experience the poignant saga as this determined group defies fate, embodying an unparalleled act of selfless sacrifice. This cinematic spectacle celebrates unsung heroism, echoing the rich folklore and history of Gujarat. Through its compelling storytelling and vivid visuals, the film pays homage to the indomitable spirit of those who defended their beliefs, offering a timeless tribute to courage, sacrifice, and resilience against tyranny, as penned in the revered novel ‘Amar Balidan.'”

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